Series of Self - Shana Dennis | Photographer

Dream State | 2014

  • Dreamstate #2

Once More With Feeling | 2012-2013

  • The Perseverance

    The Perseverance

  • The Pissed Off

    The Pissed Off

  • The Pistol

    The Pistol

  • The Need

    The Need

  • The Want

    The Want

  • The Confusion

    The Confusion

  • The Lust

    The Lust

  • The Melancholy

    The Melancholy

  • The Madness

    The Madness

A Dream Within A Dream | 2011

The song on this is called So Little Time by my friends old band The Bellecurve. Featuring my friend Anth, who also was the bass player for The Bellecurve. 

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