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I've decided to add a blog to my site to show a few photos from some of the shoots I do in 2019 so everyone can see my current work. On this blog you will also see more family photo shoots which is not a part of my main portfolio.

Regina 09.02.2019

See more from this shoot in the Fashion + Beauty section on this website. 

Maternity Shoot for Whitney 31.01.2018

5 years ago I shot a maternity session for Whitney and here we are doing it again! We did a mix of on location shots and some studio. I always have fun shooting with Whitney because she's always open to and comes up with the best ideas!  

The Birth of Theo 23.01.2018

One day you may be lucky enough to whiteness an extraordinary event, the birth of a child. I never thought I’d be a photographer at a birth, ever. Yet there I was after being asked by my friend a few months before. It was one of the most amazing experiences to be a part of! My friend Dani is one strong woman and the son she gave birth to is also one tough little bear after giving us quite a scare for a minute there! I felt so honoured being a part of such a personal life event and being able to capture so many precious moments.

Dani, Geoff & Ethan 12.01.18

This beautiful  family of three will soon be a family of four! I'm so happy I was the one to be able to be the one to do the maternity photos because Dani is a work buddy of mine from way back. It was stinking hot and there were a billion mosquitos around but the energy fun, positive and full of love which really shows in the final images. 

Mike & Scarlet 03.01.2019

The last time I was on this beach was over 5 years ago when Scarlet was swimming around safely in her mother's belly. I was there to take maternity photos for her mother Whitney (the portrait section on this site has a couple of photos from that shoot). I had the good fortune to be asked to take photos for Whitney again. She wanted some family photos with her dad Mike, who was visiting from the US for Christmas, her daughter Scarlet and husband James. I felt very proud to be there again on the same beach taking photos of this beautiful little girl everyone was so eager to meet all those years ago.

Artist Megan Burley 03.01.2019

Artist Megan needed some images of her work taken, so I set up my lights in my tiny apartment and got to work. I also managed to do a couple of portraits which include a sneaky one of Megan and her beautiful daughter. 

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